Wednesday 23 April 2014

A letter to my future self.

Hello Angela

You were 33 when you wrote this and at that time you were going through some tough stuff...Your mum was ill, you worried about the affect on your dad and sister, You didn't have a job, you hated how you looked..I would go on but I know you remember all of that!  I also know your anxiety was through the roof at the time and you were determined to do it on your own then something clicked and you wanted to go speak to the doctor about antidepressants...I know you also started taking them.

Liam and Sophie are growing up and are brilliant, clever, gorgeous children and are a credit to you and James. Ever since you faced your demons you became the woman you are today and because of that your children took your determination and applied it to their lives. Well done you!!

You and James are getting on so much better now you have stopped being so stubborn and accepted help. He was never going to leave you the way you always thought he would. He loves you Angela. You need to remember how hard it must have been for him to see you like that. It wasn't because he did not want to know or did not love you he was scared and worried and that is fine.

Angela you have to leave the past where it the past. It made you stronger not weaker!! Everyone makes mistakes. We wouldn't be human otherwise.

The whole anxiety thing will always be with you, its a natural reaction we all get that way at some point!!

Look at how far you have come!! You did that. YOU. Everyone knew there was a fighter in there, you just had to let it out.

You are amazing remember that.

Love From
Me xxxx

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