Thursday 17 April 2014

Caffeine what does it actually do to us?

Have you ever had a drink of Coke, Irn-Bru or some other sugar and caffeine filled fizzy drink then felt your heart rate increase then those little tell tale signs that a panic attack is about to take hold? You are not alone.

For me I get the fast heart rate then I feel shaky and low and behold along comes a lovely panic attack!

I have been looking into caffeine and the affects it can have on us and on one website, NHS Choices, I found the following advice

"Avoid caffeineDrinking too much caffeine can make you more anxious than normal. This is because caffeine can disrupt your sleep and also speed up your heartbeat. If you are tired, you are less likely to be able to control your anxious feelings.Avoiding drinks containing caffeine – such as coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and energy drinks – may help reduce your anxiety levels."

Another website gave a caffeine time line

After 10 minutesTen tea spoons of sugar contained in a glass of Cola, cause devastating “strike” on the organism and the only cause, by reason of not vomiting, is the phosphoric acid which inhibits the action of sugar.After 20 minutesA leap of insulin levels in bloodstream occurs. The liver converts all the sugar into fat.After 40 minutesIngestion of caffeine is finally completed. The eye pupils are expanding. Blood pressure rises, because the liver disposes more sugar into bloodstream. The adenosine receptors get blocked, thereby preventing drowsiness.After 45 minutesBody raises production of dopamine hormone, which stimulates the brain pleasure centre. Heroin has the same principle of operation.
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So far this has actually put me off drinking such drinks. I know that we can have everything in moderation and that is fine. Some people do not seem to take much notice of what too much caffeine and sugar can actually do to us.

I asked for feedback on my Facebook about what affects people have noticed when drinking such drinks. Some of the replies are stated below.

"There is less caffeine in a can of Coke than there is a cup of Tea, As for 
aspartame, you only find that in diet or zero variants as it is used as a 
sweeter at trace value"

"Yes its the caffeine or aspartame(sweetener) I haven't had it for 5 yrs isn't 
good can increase anxiety"

"Never felt any effect really, though I usually drink diet so might be different"

 "I have been drinking between 6-12 cans of Red bull a day for over a year 

and not had any problems"

Looking at the replies I do wonder if it comes down to the person themselves. Are some simply more sensitive to the effects or is caffeine, in high doses, as dangerous as they say. 

What do you think? Do you experience strange affects from drinking these drinks or have you never noticed. Comment below :)

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