Sunday 6 April 2014

Think before you have a go at someone!!

Like many others I like to have a rant and a moan on Facebook. We are all guilty of that!

I have found when I do rant about feeling unwell or have a rant about my anxiety many people are quick to comment and not always in a good way!

"we all have problems"
"there are people worse off than you"
"people have serious illnesses you don't"

I could continue but I won't. Everyone is entitled to their opinion HOWEVER they should also think about why someone is ranting or venting so openly.

It could be a cry for help? A need for attention if you are lonely? Or in my case to see it in writing, to get it out of my system before it causes me to break down.

What a lot of these people don't know is I am struggling to come to terms with my mother being very very ill.  She has COPD ( Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)  A condition that cannot be cured, it will only get worse and sadly will take her life.

People judge me for not working!! My husband and I are applying for jobs like you wouldn't believe. I have applied for 40 in a week and heard nothing back. Yes we are on benefits which we hate with a passion but we have 2 young children we have no choice!! The money we get goes on food, paying bills and making sure our children have everything they need to be happy and healthy!

This is not something I put on my Facebook but hopefully if they read this they might just let me rant and leave me alone!!!!!

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