Wednesday 30 April 2014

I can't be stubborn anymore

Yesterday I went to my doctor as I have decided it is now the right time to try medication.

This wasn't an easy decision to make for one reason only, and anyone who knows me will confirm this, I am stubborn. I wanted to do it on my own with no help, thinking that is how I done it before. This time though there are some different factors

  • I have two children to think about
  • I have a husband who is under a lot of pressure just now
  • I have my own house
  • I am not seeing counsellors, in fact I am seeing no-one

I was give 20mg Citalopram and I am going to give them a chance.

Yes I am nervous and slightly anxious about taking them but I know that if I want to get back on track and remind my brain that I am in charge then I need to take them

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