Friday 11 April 2014

Stigma of the mind - Guest Post

Hello I am Nikki. I am co creator of along with my partner LaLa.

We have three facebook pages, one is for our website Stigma of the mind. We also have Derealization/Depersonalization Disorder Awareness which I run myself. Then we have Mental Illness Awareness For Minorities and Other Ethnicities which LaLa runs herself. 

We both work together on Stigma of the Mind but each have our own page as well. We decided to start Stigma of the Mind and join our pages together because we want to bring not only awareness but also stop the stigma against mental health. 

We are sufferers as well and know what its like. We are not only just a facebook page, we are starting a movement! We have many things planned and are so excited!

 We love all the support from everyone and we just want everyone to know that you are not alone and having mental illnesses is nothing to be ashamed of! We are here for you :) 

Thank you so much Angela for giving me the opportunity to make this blog for your site

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