Saturday 5 April 2014

break it down

My sister gave me a booklet made by the NHS regarding stress and how to control it. It is a brilliant book!
On two of the pages is has space to write a list of problems, how you will fix them, when and how long you will give yourself. The idea is to be realistic and to work through the list one by one rather than face them all at once.

This is my list

  • money
  • trouble finding work
  • lack of space in our house
  • my mum being ill
  • the way I look
  • GP not listening to me
  • Am I a good mum
  • will James leave me
  • what do my family think of me?

I am going to work through this list one by one. Breaking it down makes it look less scary and makes it much more manageable.

we should all try this.

To order this booklet go to (UK ONLY)

if you do not live in the UK please check your local health care provider website for similar 

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