Monday 7 April 2014

My very own mad diary

I decided to start a stress and anxiety diary today.

Random? yes I know it is :) BUT after watching My Mad Fat Diary I thought to myself now that is an idea!!

This diary might not document the every day happenings like a teenagers diary but instead is about why I am stressed or anxious that day, what is worrying me and how I am going to sort it.

On the inside cover I have written words that I feel describes me when I am at my most anxious, such as, Fat, Ugly, Useless etc.

I have also wrote letters to my husband and to my children.

My husband will be the only one, apart from me, to read what is in there.

Writing it all down and seeing it in black and white means it will be easier for me to work through and actually makes it look less scary!

I think a lot of people would benefit from doing this.

Give it a try :) Let me know how you get on xx

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