Saturday 12 April 2014

Lunch & a shock

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my mum and my aunt.  I was feeling really anxious due to having a sore stomach.

We all met up and lunch was ordered when I felt an attack creep over me. I felt all light, floaty and is if i was not really there. I ran to the toilet to calm down, saying I had an upset stomach, which was true also.

Once there i focused on my breathing knowing that there was no point in going home as that would ruin everyone's afternoon. I had to do this, sit there and get myself over it.

When I returned to the table before sitting down I took a sip of water when my mum turned to me and said "I know why you are hoping from one foot to the other, just calm down you will be fine honestly" I did not realise my mum had noticed this little habit of mines.

I knew she was right.

Lunch came and we all have a lovely time. I helped my mum with her shopping afterwards.

I was so so tired when I got home as the attack had drained me.

As much as I was ashamed for having an attack in front of my mum and aunt I was still proud as I didn't run.

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