Monday 16 February 2015

A New Collection

I am a massive Miami Dolphins fan. They are amazing.  American football is a great sport, so engaging, you can't help but get hooked on the game. I have a scarf and a Dolphins replica jersey.  I recently added something else to my collection.

James bought me some fantastic trading cards. I love them.  I now have 52 which is a great start.

You get various types of card such as Base, Insert, Rookie, Jersey, Auto Jersey and auto to name a few.  Mine are all base cards which is an ideal starting point if you want to start a card collection.

Collecting the cards is exciting and addictive.  James collects Dallas Cowboys cards and Liam has a collection of New England Patriots cards.  It is a hobby in a way.  Knowing you have new cards coming and not really knowing who you will be getting makes it even more fun.  I do feel sorry for our postman though!

Everyone has that one special card they want to get their hands on.  James is after a Tony Romo autographed Jersey card where as I would be over the moon with an autographed Ryan Tannehill card.  Liam is happy with any card he gets.

Some people want to collect cards of their favourite team, every team or a certain make of card.  The options are endless.

You can purchase cards from Ebay, Amazon and there are some Facebook groups for card collectors.

Do you have any collections? Let me know below.

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