Tuesday 10 February 2015

I Love Reading.

Picture taken from weheartit.com

From the moment I could read I have loved it.  When I was younger you would find me in the library every week getting a new book.  I have lost count of the books I have read over the years.  Since having the children I  haven't read as much but today I bought myself a new book and I can't wait to start it.
Gone Girl

I know Gone Girl is out on DVD and that it would be the easier option but I like to use my imagination when reading, that way I can make my own mind up about the character and their surroundings.  The reason I bought this book is down to the reviews it received and I like a good thriller.

Picture taken from www.sophiekinsella.co.uk/

My all time favourite author has to be Sophie Kinsella.  I have read more or less every one of her books, more than once.  Her books are fun and lighthearted.  I am sure my collection of her books are sitting in my mums.

Here is a short list of some books I have read and recommend

Once I have read Gone Girl I will let you know what I thought of it. I am also on the lookout for - Prozac Nation, The Bell Jar and The Fault In Our Stars.

What books do you love? What books do you recommend?


  1. I adore books. Are you on Good Reads? There is also a fab book group on Facebook called The Bookshop Cafe x

    1. I would be lost without my books. I am on Goodreads. I will look on Facebook for that group x

    2. If you do book review netgalley is also fab!