Saturday 7 February 2015

Art and crafts

I have always been into drawing and art but when it comes to crafts such as knitting or making fantastic models I have never had the confidence.

Having 2 young children I want to try and overcome my strange fear of crafts and just go for it.  I know exactly who I can turn to for help.

My sister Claire, for as long as I can remember, has always been into making things.  Cakes, bread, socks, jumpers and hats are just some of the projects she has taken on over the years.  I have recently started making my own bread and have made cakes but have never been able to knit.

A few years ago I went along to the Hobbycraft Fair at the Glasgow SECC with my mum and Claire.  One of the exhibits was made purely of knitted parts. It was incredible.  Many hours of knitting and hard work produced something so beautiful.  I am glad I got to see it.

Picture of the 100% knitted exhibit

It was our mum's birthday recently and Claire made the most beautiful cake.  It was so nice I didn't want to eat it as it was such a shame to cut it.  She also made cupcakes, top hats and donuts for Liam's 5th birthday party too which were a massive hit with the kids (and adults)

Mum's birthday cake

Claire has recently started a blog, The Daily Fatigue, where she shares her latest projects with us and shared hints and tips too.

You can find her blog at

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