Sunday 1 February 2015

What a lovely keepsake.

I am quite a sentimental person and like to keep hold of items from my children's days as babies.  As they get older I am always on the look out for things to add.  I think it is nice for them to have keepsakes as when they are older they can look back and get an idea of what their childhood was like and how much they were loved.  I have recently came across a company who offer something that is different to the rest.

Penwizard offer an amazing selection of personalised story books.  You can choose from favourite characters like Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden and Ben and Holly.

"Penwizard is a personalised children's book company formed in 2004 to develop innovative personalised products using 'web to print' technology, linking customers' data to a digital printing press"

I decided to pick a book that I could have my son as the main character as he is at that age where being a hero is a big thing for him and he loves to tell his friends how he is Sophie's hero, which he is.  I chose the title "Liam, The Medieval Knight.

Creating your book is really simple.  The steps are as follows;

  • Enter your child's name, hair colour, skin tone, glasses (if they wear them) and a personalised message if you wish to.
  • Enter a sibling or friend again entering name and features (you enter 2 siblings/friends)
  • Enter the first adult
  • Enter the second adult

You can preview the character as you are entering the details.  Once you are happy with the characters you simply order your book.

I received my book within 7 days from ordering and I could not be any happier with the finished results.  The book, paper back, is of very high quality.  The illustrations are fantastic and the print is easy to read.  The book has 24 pages meaning it will keep the child interested until the end of the story.

We gave Liam his book yesterday and when he saw his name on the front cover he said "oh wow is this a story about me?" His face lit up and when I told him that his sister Sophie, his best friend, mummy and daddy where all characters too he said "this is the best book ever" He loves the story too as he is very much into adventure.

The smile really does say everything

The book I ordered is priced at £14.99 with postage at £2.50  You can also order hardback books and prices for delivery vary.

Seeing Liam so happy made my day.  Thank you Penwizard!

To find out more about Penwizard and to order your book visit

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