Wednesday 11 February 2015

Old Town Hypnotherapy

As you know there are many different therapies when it comes to helping beat anxiety.  Counselling, stress control groups, support groups and antidepressants.  There is another option out there for us, and that is Hypnotherapy.

A friend of mine and I were discussing this.  Doctor's are quick to try other methods first, usually self help.  before referring you for counselling.  She recommended Old Town Hypnotherapy to me and I had a look the MP3 option.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a mix of hypnosis and therapy.

How do Hypnosis MP3's work?

Before listening to the MP3, you need to be somewhere quiet, I would suggest listening to the MP3 just before going to sleep so in bed is best. When we relax our brain sends signals to our subconscious to relax.  When the track plays you focus on the voice, doing so distracts us from our worries.

At Liam's play.

I was more than happy to give this a try as I had only ever heard good things about this technique. I tried it for the first time the night before Liam's nativity play.  This was something I didn't want to miss as it was such an important milestone for him.  Once I was in bed and I made sure I was comfortable and relaxed I pressed play.  What happened next?  Well I got a great nights sleep, I attended Liam's nativity play, we took Sophie on a Christmas tree hunt in our local town centre then later that night I went to Asda.

Yes that was after only listening to the MP3 once!!  For the rest of the week I was hardly in the house and it felt amazing to get back to normal again.  I still listen to the MP3 just to make sure my subconscious knows who is boss and I have been out and about more often.

I can't thank my friend and Old Town Hypnotherapy enough.

About Old Town Hypnotherapy
The first branch of Old Town Hypnotherapy was opened in Swindon, in 2011 by Emma.
In 2012, thanks to huge demand, Emma brought in another hypnotherapist. In 2014 a second branch was opened in Hove, another 4 branches soon followed.

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  1. The best thing I did was discover Emma and hypnotherapy. I went from not being able to leave my house and getting severe panic attacks. To getting out and about and even travelling on my own to visit friends. Which a few years ago seemed impossible. Im glad I can help people out by recommending old town hypnotherapy. It comes highly recommend. It goes to prove anything is possible. Xxx

    1. You have been doing amazingly well. I like seeing your updates about being out and about :) I agree, the hypnotherapy is fantastic, life changing xxx