Thursday 12 February 2015

I made an omelette

I have never been confident when it comes to cooking from scratch.  With James being a chef it has always been easier for me to let him cook.  Don't get me wrong I do cook but I always have James keep and eye on me.  When it comes to using a knife I am a complete wuss.  Tonight though, I decided to change that.  I made an omelette.

Yes you read that correctly.  Sophie loves them and I don't think it is fair to have James make more or less every meal or be hanging over me whilst I do because I am too scared.  Here are the steps I followed.

  • Chopped up one red pepper (halved, deseed then chopped)
  • Chopped up 2 mushroom
  • Finely chopped 2 tomatoes
  • Cracked 3 eggs into a bowl
  • Whisked the eggs
  • Added the vegetables to the frying pan (fried until soft)
  • added the egg making sure all the ingredients are covered
  • Cook out for 2-3 minutes
  • serve

I honestly can't believe how easy it was.  Yes James was in the kitchen but he was on dish washing duties!

What ingredients do you like to add to your omelette? Let me know below

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