Tuesday 10 February 2015

Busy Day

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As you know I haven't been well recently.  I have been loaded with that nasty cold that is going around just now.  Last Tuesday afternoon I was at A&E as my peak flow had dropped ( I have asthma) but after a chest xray, ECG and blood tests it was diagnosed as bad congestion!  Later that night I was back in again with bad abdominal pain which the doctor put down to my acid reflux.  I am falling apart!

Today I went to the doctors, my lovely mum took me, and I was told I have a sinus infection.  Isn't winter great!

We decided to go to Asda afterwards.  I put my prescription in then we went for a cup of tea and a chat.  It was nice having time with my mum talking about everything and anything.  It was also nice to get a cup of tea that was nice and hot without worrying about the kids running around. After that we done some shopping.  I got the dinner stuff in today as it meant James didn't have to run around getting everything.

When I got home the kids helped me to make homemade soup.  I love the fact they want to be involved in preparing food and baking, it is a life skill they will always need.  They then helped their dad make porridge, they love porridge!

It has been quite a busy day 

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