Saturday 7 February 2015

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5 cheap things to do on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day just around the corner, here are Samantha's top ideas to make it fun on a budget.

If you’re in a relationship then Valentine’s Day can be a real treat. However, it can also be a complete nightmare; everything is way more expensive than usual and the expectations set by previous years and other couples can be too high. Restaurants put their prices up, it’s difficult to get a table and you’re still skint from Christmas. A lot of people moan that it’s too commercial and so refuse to celebrate it but I think it’s nice to take the excuse to spend the day/night with your partner. When you have busy lives with jobs, kids, etc, you can sometimes forget to take time for each other and so make 14th February a day to spend together. But you don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) spend a fortune. Here are five things you can do on Valentine’s Day if you’re on a budget…


       Cinema date

The cinema has got quite pricey nowadays when it used to be a cheap night out but don’t worry, you can do your own. Get some snacks in – popcorn, chocolate, even nachos or a hotdog if you fancy it! – some fizzy drinks and the latest film releases on Netflix on the go and recreate the flicks in your own front room. For added cosiness add blankets!

Dinner date

Yes, you can get some great deals on Valentine’s Day if you’re planning to eat in. Tesco and Marks and Spencer’s do their famous meal deals for the night but you can also do it yourself if you don’t fancy what’s on their menus. Pick your partner’s favourite food and you’re bound to be really popular for the night. Top it off with a bottle of champagne, or Prosecco if you want to stick to the budget – lots of fizz will be on offer in the supermarkets for this special occasion. Recreate a restaurant feel with a pretty tablecloth and candles, keep the TV off and put some smooth tunes on (preferably on a record player, if you have one).

Home spa

I really love a spa day but they can be quite expensive, especially if you’re booking treatments like massages and facials for the day. This is a bit of silly fun that you can have with your partner at home – turn the heating up, run a hot bubble bath and light some candles. For your one purchase you could splash out on some indulgent massage oil to treat each other to a sensual massage or if you really want to keep it cheap, substitute oil for moisturiser. Keep your towels, dressing gowns and slippers by the radiators to keep them toasty, ready for once you’ve finished bathing.

Winter picnic

It’s freezing outside but wrap up warm and take a walk to the local park for a day time date with a difference. It’s probably best if your local park has a lake with rowing boats rather than teens hanging out by the swings with aggressive looking dogs. You can save the pennies by sticking to traditional picnic fayre like egg sandwiches and sausage rolls or push the boat out for a posh picnic and get sushi or smoked salmon blinis. You can even create s themed afternoon tea picnic with cucumber sandwiches and mini cakes. Don’t forget the winter Pimms or mulled cider in a flask.

Treasure hunt

If you still want to spoil your partner on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, a cute treasure hunt around your house will do the trick. Use pink heart shaped post its for the clues and you could leave your partner’s favourite chocolate bar with each one. The grand finale could end with any of the ideas above or, if you still want to get a present, a bunch of flowers or a DVD boxset could be perfect.

I would like to thank Samantha for her wonderful post and I know I will be using some of these ideas this Valentine's day.

Samantha writes for Coco Butter Blog – a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog with the occasional disaster thrown in for good measure! You can find more of her amazing posts and ideas over at

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