Tuesday 3 February 2015

Magners Update

As you know I had issues recently with a competition I entered with Blippar and Magners.  I had sent various emails with screen shots of the win and time and date of entry.  Today they got back to me with the following response.

Hi Angela,

Thank you for your email and for supplying further details regarding your enquiry.

We have investigated your enquiry further and established that unfortunately on this occasion you are not a winner.

When a user Blipps, all entrants and winners are recorded in the backend of our database before the online form is submitted. This means that we have a detailed record of all entrants using our promotion. We are however, unable to control any personal user internet / software issues that may occur and prevent an entry from registering.

We wish you luck with any future entries.



Blippar have refused to comment

As you can imagines I am not happy with this response and feel they had too many winners due a glitch in their system and some genuine winners are being treated in this way.

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