Sunday 15 February 2015

Nice Afternoon

We had a nice afternoon at my parent's house.  Yesterday was my dad's birthday but it was decided that we would have a family meal today instead.

Liam and Sophie made their Grandad a card each.  Sophie coloured in a flower and she made sure she made some different coloured circles too.  Liam decided to draw some cars and a picture of himself.

My mum made a lovely dinner for us all, I am still feeling sorry for myself just now!

Claire brought Loki the hedgehog out for a cuddle, I love Loki he is so cute.  Sophie adores him and was more than happy to hold him.

Alfie (cat) decided he wanted in on some of the attention too.  The kids love him and he was so good sitting there letting them give him cuddles.  He is a gorgeous little cat.

Liam made his own race track out of building blocks and made up stories for each race.  I love watching them play and use their imaginations.  He even does different voices for them!

It is safe to say my Dad had a great time, we all did.  I now have two very tired children who are refusing to go to sleep!!

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