Friday 30 January 2015

Weekend Box - Fun For The Kids

As a parent I know how hard it can be to keep the kids amused when the weather is that bad you don't want to take them out.  So they get fed up and tell you they are bored.  I try all the usual ways to keep them amused, board games, their favourite DVD or story time.  Now those little tricks don't work.  You can imagine how delighted I was when the lovely people at Weekend Box asked me to try their little box of fun.

Andy Stephenson, founder of Weekend Box, came up with the idea after trying to find gifts for his nieces and nephews.  He realised there was no one product that had a mix of creativity, promoted healthy living and recycling. He decided to quit his job and launched Weekend box.  From there the company has grown.  November 2014 saw Weekend Box win "Start-Up Of the Year".  They launched a campaign called PledgeOneHour along with the National Trust, designed to provide parents with free activities to do with their children (something mentioned in a personal blog post by Richard Branson himself!

Our Box

The Weekend Box contains different themed activities for children aged 3-6 and they are delivered to your door!  The box I received had 4 different activities, with instructions, that were Aztec themed.  Liam and Sophie could not wait to try it out.  Our activities were

  • Aztec Hot Chocolate
  • Aztec Mosaic
  • Aztec Parrot
  • Aztec Coaster

Today we gave the hot chocolate recipe a try!  My kids absolutely adore hot chocolate and were so excited to help out.  

We started by weighing out the chocolate and letting the children break it up and put it into the bowl.

Daddy then took over by pouring the hot water into the bowl and added the other ingredients then stirred until the chocolate had melted. .

Next he whisked the mixture to make it frothy.  He then poured it into their mugs and left it to cool down.  As you can imagine the kids were rather impatient waiting got their chocolate treat to cool down enough.

They did drink the hot chocolate and my husband and I tried it too but I thought it was a little bit bitter.  This could be down to personal taste though.

I can't wait to try the other fun activities from the box.  Once they are all completed I will give them the certificate, from the box, so they can put it on their wall to show everyone they completed all the tasks in the box.

The Weekend Box works on a subscription basis.  Your first box will be £3.75 and each box will then cost £7.50.  You will be billed £15 for fortnightly boxes and £7.50 for monthly boxes. Delivery is free!  Contact me to get your promo code to get your first box free (new customers only)

To sign up for your box please visit

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  1. these boxes look cool , they look like alot of fun too. they look as much fun as when me and my little girl baked bread other week.