Sunday 11 January 2015

American Football - My New Favourite Sport

Wembley 2014

I have found that having a hobby or interest really has helped my mood and my confidence. It gives me something to focus on and I have started talking to new people too.  Activities like gardening, swimming and yoga are always a popular choice.  Interest wise you have reading, music and sports that are high on to do lists of many.  I am going to talk to you about an interest of mines which falls under the sport category - American football.

American football is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In 2007 the first regular season game was played at Wembley between New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins. Between 2007 and 2012 saw one game per year being played in the UK, 2013 saw an increase to two games and last year, 2014, saw another increase to 3 games. This year 3 more games have been scheduled.

Both myself and my husband love the sport. James supports Dallas Cowboys and I am a Miami Dolphins fan.  It gives us a common interest and we like to watch games together. James is currently teaching me the rules, of which there are many, and I am slowly picking it all up.  It gives us time together too.

Dolphins @ Raiders London 2014

It is almost the end of the season, boo!! Pre-Season begins August for four weeks, Regular season begins September and is 17 weeks long with each team getting a bye-week (week off) then moves into post season beginning with the wild card play offs, then the divisional play offs, then the conference championship and then the Superbowl which is the final and what a show it is.

New York Giants @ Miami Dolphins London 2007

One of the many good things about American football, and there are many good things, it's not your average sport like football (soccer) or rugby. It is exciting, full on, engaging and you never stop learning. I am hoping to get to a game in London one year.

You can watch the games in the UK on Sky Sports (all season), Channel 4 and British Eurosports (both regular season only).

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  1. I was there too! Hubby is huge Miami Dolphins fan. I loved it x

    1. yay!! I would loved to have been there but it gave my husband a chance to spend the weekend with his brother and my family and I kept the kids amused for the weekend. I am glad you loved it. xx

    2. Hope you get to go sometime soon! x