Wednesday 28 January 2015

Dance the weight away

As you know from a previous post I love to dance.  I have even been known to shake my tooshie when out and about and that includes dancing in the aisles in Asda! People who know me will tell you that I was always a perfectionist when it came to learning a new routine so it was easy for me to forget about the fun element and the biggest thing of all, the exercise side of dance.

I am always saying to James "I wish I could get back into dancing" or "I miss dancing so much" and I do so I made a decision.  I will go onto Youtube and search for new routines to learn.  Now I know we can't download the video from Youtube, well that would be wrong wouldn't it, so I simply open the video on my mobile phone and transfer it over to our TV, clever isn't it.

Whilst browsing I came across videos from an amazing choreographer, Eduardo Amorim, and that was me hooked.  His routines are out of this world.  That is when I made up my mind.  I would learn those routines meaning I would be dancing again, having fun and exercising too.

Below are some links to the routines by Eduardo I am learning.  Let me know what you think!

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