Wednesday 14 January 2015

Food Challenges In Glasgow.

I have been watching Man V Food re-runs over the last couple of days, how could he eat all that food?, and it made me wonder how many restaurants offer a food challenge similar to what we see on TV.  So I decided to have a look online to see what I could find in Glasgow.

Here is what I found.

Adlib Glasgow - Monster burger challenge

Cost of entry - £35 (unless you complete the challenge)

Details - The burger consists of 3lb of Aberdeen Angus beef, 3 beef tomatoes,  1lb of cheese, 2 onions and a huge bun.  You have 2 hours to complete this challenge and you can't leave the table (that's the rules and part of the fun) If you complete this challenge you get your own "I destroyed the Ad Lib Monster Burger Challenge" T-shirt.

Monster Burger (picture taken from Ad Lib Facebook page)

Taco Mazama - Burrito Challenge

Cost of entry - £14.99 (unless challenge completed)

Details - You have 10 minutes to eat the triple sized giant Burrito. Finish the challenge and you get a free photo and time on the wall of fame. Are you brave enough to try this challenge?

Taco Mazama Burrito Challenge (picture taken from their Facebook page)

Brooklyn Cafe   - Wing Challenge

Cost of entry - £9 (includes free milkshake)

Details - Ok this one has a few rules and different rewards! Here is the short version! Wings are served one at a time.  NO cutlery of any kind. One napkin per challenger. Nothing else may be consumed. NO time limit. Sounds good to me!! I wonder how many of you will give it a try! See the picture below for the rewards of taking on this challenge.

Brooklyn Cafe Wings Challege (Picture from their Facebook)

Another challenge from the Brooklyn Cafe is their Burger Challenge

Cost of entry - £35 (unless you complete the Challenger)

Details - You have 2 hours to to eat the massive 21/2lb  prime Scottish beef burger which is topped with melted cheddar cheese, served in a homemade bun with 2 toppings. You must remain at the table, one person per burger, you can eat/drink whatever else you wish to and a minimum of 2 toppings!!  What do you get for winning? Prize pot starts at £50! If you do not complete the above challenge £5 of the £35 cost of the burger goes into the prize pot.

Burger Challenge. (Picture taken from their Facebook)

So will you be brave enough to try one or all of the challenges above? Let me know if you have done one of the challenges or if you know of more so I can share share share!!



  1. I've never done a food challenge from a restaurant before. I must give one a go soon xo

    1. I think I am going to give one of these a try. Not sure which on yet :) xx

  2. I love Man Vs Food, but it always makes me want to eat the naughty foods! We have something like a 50 ounce steak challenge in my town... wouldn't dare take that on though!

    1. 50 ounce steak?! yikes that sounds like a very tough challenge! I think a lot of places offer food challenges now because of Man V Food. I always wonder how he prepared etc for the challenges he took on

  3. Hello fellow Glasgow blogger :-) I quite fancy that burrito challenge!
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. Hi there!! It looks good doesn't it. If I was going for any of them I would give that one a try first.

  4. If you like a challenge, you should try the Atomic Fallout burger at this place in Bristol. The sauce is really hot and you have to have these gloves to eat it. I once completed an all you can eat wings contest in Hooters in Cardiff. Won too, ate 115 wings, got my name on the board and free wings on a Monday. Felt completely sick at the end of it, but it was worth it as I was the only woman to do it.


    1. wow 115 wings?! I am impressed!! That atomic fallout burger sounds scary!! x

    2. The Atomic Fallout burger is really scary...but one of my friends (who is a MACHINE!) did it when they first opened in Bristol, and he completed it in 8 minutes! Triple burger, triple portion of spicy fries and 200ml of ghost chilli sauce... :-/

    3. 8 minutes!! That's a lot of food for 8 minutes! Isn't Ghost Chillis the hottest?