Tuesday 20 January 2015

Iron Maiden - A Fans Perspective.

I love music and think life would be dull without it.  Some people like only one genre but I love a little bit of everything.  My husband James loves Iron Maiden as do I.  So I thought I would interview him about being a fan of one of the biggest bands in history.

Before I go into the interview, here are some facts about Iron Maiden.

  • They are pioneers of new wave British heavy metal
  • Founded in 1975 by Steve Harris
  • First album, Iron Maiden, was released in 1980 
  • They have released 15 studio albums
  • Iron Maiden's albums and singles have reached the number one spot world wide
  • They have travelled all over the world and for 3 tours they had their own plane, named Ed Force One and was piloted by front man Bruce Dickinson.
  • One of only three bands to have played live on Top Of The Pops
  • They have their own beer - Trooper beer
  • Eddie is their strange but incredibly awesome mascot. Created by Derek Riggs and appears on every album cover and at every concert!

Here is a fans perspective. 

When did you discover Iron Maiden?

When I was three years old.  My dad is a fan and was always playing their music.

What attracted you to them?

Put simply they were different.  I loved their album covers and after watching Live After Death on video I was hooked.

When did you first see Iron Maiden live?

A Real Live Tour, May 21st 1993 when I was nine years old.  My dad took me the SECC in Glasgow.

Can you remember your reaction when you saw them that night?

I remember travelling to the gig and being on my dad's shoulders most of the time.  At that age I didn't know what to think as there was just so much to take in.

How many shows have you been to?

14. I have been to every tour since 1993.

How would you describe their shows?

Phenomenal.  Two and a half hours of pure theatre, Pyrotechnics and stages sets based on the theme of the album.  Then you have Eddie who is larger than life!  It really is must see and worth every penny.

What is your favourite song and why?

I have a a few but I would have to say The Trooper.  I love the galloping rhythm, guitar solos just the music in general.

What stands out about their music?

Intelligent lyrics.  The majority of their songs are based on English Literature and history.  Every song has meaning.  Bruce is an incredible singer and they are all amazing musicians who all compliment each other.

Who is your favourite member and why?

Dave Murray.  He is a fantastic guitarist, the reason I picked up the guitar.  He is my hero.

What would you like to say to Iron Maiden?

Where do I start?  Thank you for 28 years of amazing music and memories and I look forward to many more.

If you would like to find out more about Iron Maiden head to - http://www.ironmaiden.com/

To find out more about Derek Riggs - http://derek.server311.com/

** thank you to James for allowing me to use his photographs in this post.

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