Saturday 17 January 2015

My Dancing Days

When I was younger I fell in love with dancing.  I'm pretty sure I begged my mum to let me join dance classes!  At the time I must have been about 10 so a later starter considering most start aged 3.
I remember my leotard and my white jazz shoes. I love those shoes!  I took part in disco and majorettes and took my exam in Disco, passing it with no problems.  I also remember my first dance show. So much fun!!  When I went to high school I gave up classes.

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Fast forward to 1998 when I was in college and woman we knew put together a cabaret group to raise money for charities.  I was right in there ready to dance yet again.  I went back to my old dance teacher and asked if I could join in a few classes to get myself back into shape as it had been a few years!  Between college, dance class and rehearsals my days were full on but I loved it.

Myself and some of my friends performed dance routines by Steps and the Spice Girls for the first two shows we had arranged.  The final, and biggest show, at a local club was the best one ever.  We performed routines to Steps, B*witched, Madonna (stripping nuns) and the Spice Girls.. There was also a tribute to Abba which saw me perform a solo to Dancing Queen whilst the others were singing behind me. The older members turned into the Blues Brothers which is always a crowd pleaser.

From three shows we raised money for The Craighalbert Centre, Cancer Research and the Rottenrow maternity hospital.

I really wish I had pictures from my dancing days.  They really were fabulous and fun.

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