Monday 26 January 2015

Doing It Alone

Cheeky Asda Selfie

For the last year the thought of going anywhere myself has really scared me.  Places I have been going myself for years and know so well suddenly seem scary and unknown.  Typical anxiety I know and that's what makes it more frustrating.  Knowing the place itself is not scary, it's just my thoughts that are.

One shop I have went to on numerous occasions without giving it any thought, other than what I need to buy, is Asda.  My poor husband has been on shopping duty for a year now as I just couldn't face going there.  That is until recently.

Just before Christmas my mum took me up and waited in the car for me while I went in to get a couple of things.  To me that was the first step.  Today however I went one step further.  I went alone.

Yes you read that right I said alone.  As I have always done, I went in, got what I needed, nothing else and got out.  Well don't we all do that when it comes to Asda or Tesco?!

How did I do it? Simple I put my earphones in and put my music on, both relaxing and great for blocking out the madness of the shop.

On the way home I was thinking how good it felt to have taken that step and long may that continue.


  1. So proud of you - it's a massive step forward! Hopefully the start of many more things you enjoyed doing before the anxiety got in the way! x

    1. aww thank you!! The week leading up to Christmaswe were hardly in the house and it was nice then the bad weather arrived and we were stuck in so trying to push myself again xx

    2. Just don't push yourself too much - one step at a time! x