Friday 30 January 2015

Songwriter Connect

I absolutely love music and think that life would be so so dull without it.  Over the years I have often thought how it would be great if I could write my own music and hear the finished song being played on the radio but sadly I am not that talented but I do have a few friends who are amazing at writing music but find it hard, and expensive, to get the support they need to make their dreams happen.  Well I have found the perfect platform that can help them and many of you continue with your song writing - Songwriter Connect.

Songwriter Connect was founded to give talented songwriters the chance to access placement opportunities with established performing artists and publishers.

You will go through an application process and you are only accepted if your songs are radio friendly, of good quality and are well written.  The application process is free.

Songwriter Connect membership includes the following:

• Pitching opportunities for artist’s placements
• Pitching opportunities for TV and Film
• Free resources for songwriting
• Discounted songwriter services
• Music and songwriting industry news

So what are you waiting for..If you are a songwriter and you feel this is what you have been searching for then head over to

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