Wednesday 14 January 2015

Films I Love

We all have a list of our favourite films.  Some of us may like comedies, romance or even a good old action movie.  I have quite a mixed collection of DVDs and some may surprise you and others, well you will expect me to like them!

Here is a list of some of the films I love and recommend.

The Blind Side

This is the true story of Michael Oher.  Michael was a homeless teenager who never had constant schooling.  That all changed one day when he met the Tuohy's who helped him turn his life around.

Draft Day

If you are a NFL fan you will know all about the real life draft day. Kevin Costner plays the General manager of the Cleveland Browns and the fight to get the players he wants whilst his personal life throws up some challenges of its own. Draft day is a big event in the NFL calendar where college players have the chance to be drafted into one of the NFL teams which will change their lives forever.

Dirty Dancing

Ok Ok I know its a typical girly film but I love it!! Based at Kellerman's mountain resort, Daddy's girl Baby finds herself falling in love with dancing and the dance instructor Johnny which changes everything she ever believed in.


I love a good psychological thriller and Inception is brilliant,  Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb who has a rare, and strange, ability to enter peoples dreams and in turn takes their secrets from their subconscious. It is the kind of film you need to watch to actually understand it.


Jodie Foster plays an airline engineer in this action packed movie.  On a flight home with her young daughter they both fall asleep, however, when she wakes up her daughter is missing.  The cabin crew claim her daughter never boarded the flight and no-one believer her.

Happy Gilmore

Wannabe hockey player Happy Gilmore is rather unhappy when, yet again, he does not make the team.  His sights soon turn to another sport, golf., when his grandmother is about to lose her home. He takes part in a golf tournament hoping to raise money to save the house.

What films are on your "must see" list?

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