Friday 23 January 2015

Proud Mummy

 Me & Liam on his 1st day at school

I don't post things like this very often but felt I had to share with you all.

Before leaving nursery in June, Liam was just starting to write his name.  We were really proud of him for his good attempts.  At nursery they had the freedom to do what they wanted so we knew he wasn't spending a lot of time sitting down to write, read or paint.  Well what 4 year old would when they have a choice?!

August 2014 Liam started school.  Like any parent I was worried about how he would settle and how this new environment would have an impact on him.  I didn't have to worry.

He has work up on the wall in the classroom, he got a glowing report at his first parents night and recently he has won 4 awards, all for his writing!

He has won star writer in his class three times now and he has also won the Head teachers award for writing.

We are all so proud of him and we hope nothing ever puts him off school as he really loves learning.