Sunday 4 January 2015

Try it yourself.

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but had no idea where to start or didn't feel confident enough? I was the same at first but I persevered and 11 months later I would be lost without it.  So I have decided to give you some tips on starting your own blog.

Choosing a blogging platform.

If you are looking to run your blog for free, which I recommend to begin with, there is a large choice of blogger platforms. The two main ones being Wordpress and Blogger. I chose blogger as I liked the layout better and felt it was the easiest to use.

Choosing what you want to write about

I chose to write about mental health to start with after having a panic attack. I knew what was happening but I also knew others out there were having these attacks and maybe did not understand what was going on so I based my blog on that. I built it from there moving onto reviews, talking about family and general rambling!  You don't need to have just one topic, which is the best thing about a blog. You can talk about anything and everything.


Who do you want to reach out to? I was happy if my blog helped one person. I was not looking to help everyone as that is unrealistic.Keep the language simple and casual. If I use any jargon I explain it the best I can but I tend not to use it often.

Layout of blog

This is really down to personal taste and how you want your blog to look. Don't try to do too much too soon. It took me a few months to get my layout the way it is now and even then I still change it. There is no set rule as to how it should be set up.


I like to add pictures to my posts to try and break it up a bit so the reader is not inundated with paragraphs full of information. It also makes it look nice!


I use google analytics to track how many people read my page daily, where they are from and how many overall views I have had. For me I use it as a bit of fun just so I can see where in the world my blog is being read. Don't get too hung up on stats unless your blog is for business and you record stats for that reason.

Have fun

The most important thing is have fun. Do not worry if you don't post every day, again that is not essential. The blog is a hobby, sometimes a business too. Relax, enjoy and love blogging.

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