Monday 5 January 2015

Job Searching can be stressful

Job hunting is not easy and can be stressful at the best of times but with the current climate it's even harder. You might feel you are applying for everything and hearing nothing and that can knock your confidence and you start doubting yourself.

Here are my tips for keeping calm and stress free whilst applying for jobs

Keep Note

I would suggest having a folder in your emails for applications you have completed online. Split them into acknowledgements and interviews that way you have can keep track of what you have applied for and any interviews you may have.

Job Websites

There are so many different websites out there for job searching.  I would recommend the following websites: Universal Jobmatch Reed  Indeed S1Jobs and Monster You can register with each site and can upload your CV and cover letter making it quicker and easier for you to apply.


Do not put too much information on your CV, My CV has the following information: Contact details, Personal statements, work experience (including duties) Further education then school education.  Set them in sections and keep to a maximum of two pages. This makes it easier for employers to read and keeps it simple too.

Don't Be Scared

Don't be scared to ask for feedback if you get a knockback from an employer, Ask why they said no as you might get pointers that could help you for future applications. See it as positive criticism. Do not take it to heart.

The above might seem obvious but they will help you.  Looking for a job does not need to be stressful. I know many employers won't get back to you if you have been unsuccessful but this is nothing you have done. Everyone is being treated in the same way as most companies are inundated with applications.  Keep going and you will find that job you want!

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