Wednesday 21 January 2015

Maxwell Scott Bags

When it comes to items like handbags, purses and wallets it has to be good quality, something that looks good and will last!  For me I find real leather goes the distance and well it looks and feels amazing.  Maxwell Scott Bags offers all of the above, luxury leather goods that look and feel fantastic..

Maxwell Scott Bags has recently re-launched its website after an exciting rebrand. An international business based in York, North Yorkshire, Maxwell Scott Bags fuses British design with Italian craftsmanship to create luxury leather products ranging from briefcases and luggage to handbags and accessories.

Women's Fabrizio Travel Luggage.

Founded in 2002 by William Forshaw the company originally supplied briefcases to professionals in London.  William then noticed a gap in the market for high quality briefcases.  After a family trip to Italy sparked an interest in the traditional craftsmanship of Italian leather, William began looking for the highest quality tannery to begin producing the leather for his bags. A highly esteemed factory in Tuscany was chosen, and the business was able to take flight.

Men's Pianillo Wallet

William Forshaw's passion for leather and his once small vision have seen the company has grown and is still growing today.  They sell their products to an international market.  

Women's Lorenzo Briefcase

The British company stands out from the crowd by using only the finest, premium Italian leather which adds to the longevity of the product. The leather produced in the tannery comes from premium quality full grain hides that are tanned using completely natural processes, reducing the impact on the environment and giving the leather unique qualities. Marks and scratches can be buffed out and the leather develops a beautiful patina over time, meaning that products from Maxwell Scott Bags only improve with age.

The Tomacelli3 Briefcase

After spending the past year rebranding, the company is now ready to show off its brand new image. With a sleek new website, a newly launched informative blog and a range of upcoming products in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time for the British company. 

As you can see they offer some beautiful bags and briefcases but what other items do they sell? Here is a selection of products which I think you will love, I know I do.

The Prato Passport holder - £36.00

The Pietre Mens Wallet - £57.00

The Forino women's purse - £104.00

I love the products on offer at Maxwell Scott bags.  Beautiful leather, long lasting and an amazing investment too.  To find out more about the Maxwell Scott Bags story or to browse the extensive luxury collection, visit the new website: 

**Click on the pictures to be taken to the product page on the website.


  1. I love the Fabrizio travel luggage, it's gorgeous!

    1. It is gorgeous!! I have my eye on quite a few things on their website and with my birthday coming up in June it gives James plenty notice hehe x