Thursday 8 January 2015

Meeting my idol

Shane June 19th 2012

As you have probably guessed I am a massive Westlife fan.  Now as much as I love all the lads I do have a favourite!! Mr Shane Filan.

I tried for years and when I say years I mean it.  Since 1998 I had tried to meet the lads and in 2012 I thought my time had come.

before the M&G

Someone bought me a meet and greet for the Westlife show in Glasgow June 16th. I turned up at the venue and booked in.  I was all set, backstage pass around my neck and my Westlife gift bag (tour programme and watch)  30 minutes before I was due to meet the lads an representative from the company who were holding the meet and greets came over.

Turned out the meet and greet the person had been sold was fake and in fact a duplicate. I was not allowed entry.  I was devastated. I was left sitting in tears.  Someone from the newspaper was at the venue and heard everything and contacted her boss who then sent a reporter to meet me.  I explained what happened simply because I wanted to warn others of the dangers of buying these kind of things from Ebay etc. I went home and just wanted to forget it happened.

The next day I got call from the newspaper with news that shocked me!! He had spoken to Westlife and explained what happened and that I had been a fan since 1998.  They were upset at what happened and wanted to help.  They gave me 2 guestlist tickets for the show on June 19th so I could attend their last ever Scottish date.  I was in tears and so happy and grateful to them.

Glenn Cal June 2012

Fast forward to just over a year later. Shane was now a solo artist and had just announced he was doing a radio tour.  Was this my chance to finally meet my idol? I was determined this time.

Thanks to a little help, July 26th and I was on a train to Edinburgh,  Standing outside the radio station part of me was expecting it to go wrong, that I wouldn't get near him.  His car pulled up and I just stood there in shock as he walked past me and into the radio station.. We were asked to form a queue. After his interview he came out.  There he was in front of me.  10 minutes later it was my turn.

I walked up the steps and was greeted with a massive smile.  He asked my name and he signed my picture for me and we spoke for a few minutes the Liam, his tour manager, took pictured for me. We thanked each other and I walked away with a huge grin on my face.

As I walked a little bit down the street to phone James to tell him what happened I started crying. Yes I know he is just a normal person like everyone else but it was Shane, my idol  and it had taken me 15 years to meet him.

I cannot thank Shane enough for giving me and the other fans a chance to meet him and thank you to Liam who stood there taking everyone's pictures.

** all pictures have been taken by me or for me on my own camera


  1. Awwww - I knew you'd met him but I didn't know the story behind it! So glad it finally happened for you in the end! x

    1. aww thank you!! I was determined to me meet him as you may have guessed haha x